Introduction to Causal Modeling (Parts 1 and 2)

December 10, 2021

Workshop, Digital Health Masterclass, University Medical Centre., Utrecht, Netherlands

On November 7th and December 10th I gave a two part workshop to professional data scientists working at the University Medical Centre, Utrecht. The aim of the workshop was to introduce researchers to modern methods for causal modeling. Workshop materials for both days, including lecture slides and R lab materials, can be found here

Modeling Intensive Longitudinal Data in Discrete and Continuous Time: The basics

July 20, 2021

Workshop., Pre-conference workshop with Noemi Schuurman at the 9th European Conference of Methodology (EAM 2021)., Valencia, Spain

As a pre-conference workshop to EAM 2021, myself and Noémi Schuurman gave a two part workshop on discrete and continuous-time modeling of time series data in R. The workshop materials can be found here