I am assistant professor at the Department of Data Science and Biostatistics, University Medical Centre Utrecht, in the Netherlands. I develop tools and approaches that help biomedical, social, and behavioral scientists study causal relations using observational data.

My methods research has touched on causal inference, time-series analysis, graphical models, and computational modeling. I collaborate with researchers from diverse backgrounds, such as epidemiology, clinical psychology and psychiatry, linguisitics and public policy. Since July 2023 I work on the VAC4EU project with the Real World Evidence team at UMC Utrecht.

I co-ordinate the Special Interest Group in Causal Data Science at the UU/UMCU. This group brings together researchers from the social sciences, computer science, medical research and economics who share an interest in causal modeling and its intersection with modern data science techniques.

As part of my teaching work I have helped develop a number of new courses and workshops. These include a masters course and two-day workshop on causal modeling for data scientists, a summer school on time series analysis of intensive longitudinal data, and invited workshops on topics such as causal policy evaluation using register data and theory formalisation and computational modeling.

I am a strong believer in open science practices, so I strive to make all my papers and pre-prints, presentations, workshop and teaching materials, and code open and easily accessible.