ctnet (R package)

An R package to aid researchers in analyzing experience sampling data using a Continuous-Time Dynamical Network approach. More details can be found in Ryan, O., & Hamaker, E. L. (2021). Time to intervene: A continuous-time approach to network analysis and centrality. Psychometrika, 1-39. The github page for this package can be found here

The package takes either a drift matrix or estimated CT-VAR model object from the ctsem package and processes the output, allowing researchers to:

  • a) obtain estimated path-specific effects and centrality measures
  • b) quantify the uncertainty around those measures in the form of confidence/credible intervals (depending on the procedure used to estimated the model with ctsem)
  • c) to simulate interventions based on the estimated model
  • d) plot point estimates and credible intervals for different metrics as a function of the time-interval, as shown below